Everybody deserves to
feel confident.

If our dentists advise we can not treat your teeth with our aligners, we will provide you with 2 options:

a) We will refund you the full payment amount of your Dental impression kit:

b) Pass your treatment plan on to your local dentist or a dentist we assign ourselves. Either way its risk free.

We will not begin to take any payments from you until you have approved your full treatment plan provided you. Again risk free.

We will provide you with all the aligners to fulfil your treatment and we provide you with one case of retainers to maintain your smile for years to come.

Treatment Plan Guarantee

100% treatment plan  

Our Simply Straight team will show you a customised 3D model of your treatment plan. We guarantee a refund so there’s no cost if you don’t qualify, and no commitment if you do. Guaranteed.